Nordic webinar | Updates from NCDV on the latest research


Skin diseases can be disabling and stigmatizing with the result of severe reduced quality of life, but in relation to the political priorities and attention, dermatology is often compromised by diseases within other specialties. Therefore, BestPractice Nordic is in collaboration with the local congress committee to focus on Nordic dermatological research by sharing knowledge and the latest news from the 35th Nordic Congress of Dermatology & Venereology, held from 19th.-22nd. of April 2022 in Copenhagen.

BestPractice Nordic would like to welcome you to the great Nordic Webinar on the 17th of May from 4:00-5:00 PM. Based on NCDV 2022, selected studies and clinical issues will be presented and put into perspective, hosted by Professor Gregor Jemec.

Target group: Dermatologists, general practitioners and nurses may attend for free.  

If you do not find yourself in the target group and want to participate or advertise in connection with the webinar, please contact Stine-Maria Halstrøm: sha@bpno.dk

Host and presenters

• Host: Gregor Jemec, Professor and MD at the Department of Dermatology at Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde

• Kristina Ibler, MD, Department of Dermatology, University of Zealand Hospital, Roskilde

• Thrasyvoulos Tzellos, MD, NLSH Bodø, Associate Professor UiT, Department of Dermatology, Nordland Hospital HF, Bodø

• Amra Osmancevic, MD, Universitetssjukhusöverläkare, Hudkliniken SU/Sahlgrenska, Göteborg, Sweden

Preliminary program

• Welcoming, by Jan Andreasen, Editor-in-Chief, MD, BestPractice Nordic

• Introduction to the topics of the day, by Gregor Jemec

• Atopic dermatitis, by Kristina Ibler

• "Evidence based hidradenitis suppurativa severity assessment and treatment", by Thrasyvoulos Tzellos

• "Challenges in the treatment of psoriasis today" by Amra Osmancevic

• Questions and summary with Gregor Jemec

Tzellos Thrasyvoulos

Amra Osmancevic

Kristina Ibler

Gregor Jemec

Jan Andreasen